Saturday, November 22, 2008

It Happened This Weekend

Protesting the service cuts, yet rate hikes, on 125th!

C'mon Keith, stand up for us!

Elsewhere, Discovery of the Love Shack.

Looks cozy.

Uh, that doesnt look healthy.

More evidence of the connection between the Baptists and Freemasonry.

(From the NYTimes)


SANKOFA said...

What is the Free Mason's photo about and where is that building the cornerstone was laid?

Yojimbot said...

The photo is the laying of the corner stone of the Abyssinian Baptist Church, presided over by a 33rd Degree Master Mason as evidenced by the apron, sash and magic wand.

SANKOFA said...

Thanks for the information.
Keep up the Good Work!