Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Some random pix from the hood. Gotta do what u can to stay cool these days!

The heat's a bitch!


Brendarts said...

Hey I just found your site. It's wonderful. Are you an arch student? From NY. You seem to love living in Harlem. We did too. We live in Graham Court. It was amazing living like that in NYC. Keep up the good work!!!!!
Love your Blog.

Yojimbot said...

thanks Brenda! Graham Courts is awesome...hope to see u in the hood.

Gwin said...

Fire hydrants have spray caps on them to allow kids to frolic in the flow, but "older" kids take these caps off to allow for the gushing shown in your photos.

The latter is an ENORMOUS waste of water and is also a huge inconvenience to those living nearby -- I live in a building right next to a hydrant that is often illegally tampered with in this way, and can attest to the traffic backing up due to excessive flooding, and to the Niagara Falls level of noise.

In other words, I am NOT a fan.