Saturday, September 11, 2010

Harlem Survival

For at least 3 years there has been a feral colony of Monk Parakeets living in the upper reaches of Riverside Park. About 3 weeks ago I received a report of two men, rigging a rope around the branches of the tree, pulling it through and destroying their nest. Who or why such people act they way they do, is beyond me to understand. But I do know this: most birds are smarter than most people, and these guys escaped and just relocated. Through a combination of intuition and good sense, I relocated these awesome guys, a few blocks south, in a much more secure location.

Here I found an emerging colony of at least 6 different birds amongst 3 different nests.

And to the sick fucks who tried to exploit these wonderful and free animals I say this:
You can kill a bird. You can kill me. And one day, they will probably even kill the internet.

But you cant kill Love.

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the birds are re-establishing in Riverside. I've heard rumors that some are spotted in the northern end of Morningside Park. DO you know if that's true?