Sunday, December 30, 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Harlem Waterfront

An unusually low tide has made for some interesting pictures along the neglected waterfront of Harlem. There are plans for redevelopment, but these ideas aren't practical because nothing will ever be able to mask the odor from the North River Pollution Control Center (or the aerial pollution from its smokestacks). Furthermore storms like Sandy show the need for this area to be structurally reinforced rather than making the building look "architectural." In addition to structural reinforcement I would like to see some wetland grass plantings done here in an attempt to absorb some of the nitrogen this place releases into the River. Also they need to clean up some of the petroleum, garbage and whatever Gowanus-like shit is in the sand and soil here. On the bright side, it is a cool and disused part of the City that does have a lot going for it. Here's a pictoral essay on some of the infrastructure and potential use. TransferStation NorthRiver NorthRiver NorthRiver NorthRiver NYCDoS CrackheadTreasure FloortoCeiling GarbageChutes DailyBlotter YellowMachine LostLittleGirl StairsOfDeath YellowChair OutofthisWorld Long and Short of It SafetyBlock TransferStation Dock and the Bay An interesting note here is that this entire "boat level" dock was submerged in Sandy. ServiceWater PassThrough Edgewater NiceLegs BoilerRoom LaundryRoom Life Jackets Tie Me Up Tie Me Down OpenSeasame CrossRoads MetalThief Kept In the Dark StairsOfLife Up In The Air Transfer Station Like A Virgin