Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving at Metropolitan Baptist Church

I've done a lot of volunteer service over my life, but I realized recently that I had never had the Thanksgiving Day soup-kitchen type experience. Knowing that hands-on service is always the most rewarding, I called up a few Churches in Harlem and went over to the first one that said yes, which was Metropolitan Baptist Church on 128th St. It was very cool getting to know the great people over there and seeing how much they do for their Community. Apparently they hold this type of packed dinner every night on weekdays. Anyone interested in donating food or time can call Deacon Hayes at (212) 663-8990. Also a special shout out to City Harvest, which is doing more than its fare share to keep families in Harlem fed. So without further ado, here's Thanksgiving, Harlem style!
Where the magic happens...

and this amazing Vulcan Pizza oven!

I wonder how many Thanksgivings this old gal has seen.
Deacon Hayes rallies the troops with his unfailing humor!

And then we get down to bidness,

Dennis on deserts (the lemon cake isnt in the shot).

Its hard to say exactly how many people filled up on the crazy home cooked goodness, but I'd put it at about 125,

with another dozen or so deliveries!

Quite a fascinating place with great history,

and equally as wonderful people.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It Happened This Weekend

Protesting the service cuts, yet rate hikes, on 125th!

C'mon Keith, stand up for us!

Elsewhere, Discovery of the Love Shack.

Looks cozy.

Uh, that doesnt look healthy.

More evidence of the connection between the Baptists and Freemasonry.

(From the NYTimes)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Random Harlem Pix

Still chewing through some of my upcoming posts. Till then here's some random nabe pix...can you name the locations?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Announcing the 4th Annual Harlem Hawk Walk!

Come out and see all the wonderful Wildlife and Architecture that Harlem has to offer!

If anyone is interested in signing up for the 4th Annual Harlem Hawk Walk, which will be either Saturday Nov. 29th or Sunday Nov. 30th depending on the weather, please email me at yojimbot at gmail dot com. Take note that this tour will include a lot of walking--approx. 4-5 miles!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Aint No Stoppin Us Now!

Some more vids I dug out from Election Night!

Harlem's own, Keith Wright.

Friday, November 7, 2008

5th Ave. Fire

Not wanting to dull the euphoria of the past few days, I've been holding off on this post of a fire that I perchance witnessed on Election Day. Located on the 8th Floor of Schomberg Plaza, which is on the corner of 110th St. and 5th Ave., the FDNY response was rapid and well co-ordinated. Having experienced the terror of a buidling fire in 2000, I cannot overstate how important the job these courageous men and women do for us on a daily/nightly basis. Here's a bit of the action...
Heavy smoke pours from an 8th floor bedroom,

Loads of firefighters respond,

and make their way up to the fire.

Evacuating all of the residents.

Here, now its finally out!

While some of the firemen were milling about, I overheard them talking about a past fire at this same location that sounded truly terrifying. Apparently the fire was so out of control that people were jumping out of their windows. I guess this is why there response to this incident was so on-point. In the words of one resident..."You go FDNY, Control your area!!!"

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History in Harlem, Election Night 2008

Not since the Giants won the Super Bowl has New York come together like this. Im almost at a loss for words about how to describe the scene...jubilation, relief, joy, vindication and love. At one point a spontaneous Electric Slide broke out at the intersection of 125th and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. Even now I can hear the horns honking, the repetitive cheering, a siren here or there. Thankfully I have my trusty Powershot S5 as a faithful witness, to record the scene when my faculties come up short. Here it is in vids and pix...
History on 125th St.

Some of the speakers included Jeremy Piven,

Congressman Rangel

and last but not least, D.L. Hughley!

Here is the exact moment when CNN projected Obama as the winner!

The celebration in the streets.

We did it!

Doug E. Fresh pushin' the Escalade! (I didnt have time to ask about the Waffle place!)

People stream in towards the Office Building.

I pity the fool that don't like Obama!

Bobbito Garcia on his way to join the celebration.

Congratulations to our New President, and God Bless America!