Monday, September 22, 2008

Can't We All Just Get Along?!? (Yes, mostly!)

The Dwyer finally celebrated its full occupancy with a fiesta for the new homeowners as well as other VIP's of the community. If you recognize any of the actors in these pix, please let me know. Ruby Dee was also there, but I couldnt get a pic. Anyway, here's the overflowing of good vibes and special shout out to Chris from Harlem Fur!
Things started off in the main Penthouse apt...

The hexgonal Master bedroom.

Hancock Park

Paul Mondisire of 21CF +1.

From there, we moved onto the roof...

Lt. Navarro from the 28th Pct. makes sure this handshake is legit!

Chris from Harlem Fur and Michelle and her business partner (they are opening the Little Gym in the 1st floor commercial space--Ill post more info on this later.)

Some more hamming by Chris (ps, if you can identify the actress in the back, let me know).

Ditto for these two guys...

and this guy. If he isnt famous, he should be!

All in all it was a great party. So cool to meet people from diverse backgrounds who are all doing their thing and staying positive!


Anonymous said...

Interesting photo set -- certainly a striking contrast to your retrospective look at the neighborhood!

yojimbot said...

Thanks CBR...I look back and well as forward.

PS I live in this building so Im biased!

Unknown said...

Great photo set. You captured the energetic vibe of the event. Now, if only we could see some of your three furry friends..

Lenoxave said...

Nice photos. Looked like a pretty cool shinding.