Friday, November 7, 2008

5th Ave. Fire

Not wanting to dull the euphoria of the past few days, I've been holding off on this post of a fire that I perchance witnessed on Election Day. Located on the 8th Floor of Schomberg Plaza, which is on the corner of 110th St. and 5th Ave., the FDNY response was rapid and well co-ordinated. Having experienced the terror of a buidling fire in 2000, I cannot overstate how important the job these courageous men and women do for us on a daily/nightly basis. Here's a bit of the action...
Heavy smoke pours from an 8th floor bedroom,

Loads of firefighters respond,

and make their way up to the fire.

Evacuating all of the residents.

Here, now its finally out!

While some of the firemen were milling about, I overheard them talking about a past fire at this same location that sounded truly terrifying. Apparently the fire was so out of control that people were jumping out of their windows. I guess this is why there response to this incident was so on-point. In the words of one resident..."You go FDNY, Control your area!!!"


uptownflavor said...

Props to the FDNY...they are always on the job and no one can complain about the job that they do. So sad they Mr. Third Term Mayor feels their department needs to be cut. :-(

yojimbot said...

Yes, UF...a lot of the pro-Bloomberg people are going to change their tune during this 3rd term.

ENG I CP said...

Make no mistake there will be fire deaths that could have been prevented in many neighborhoods after they close fire companies- no matter how they spin it! Fight for your neighborhood firehouse!