Monday, November 3, 2008

Harlem Updates

There have been a few storylines swirling around lately which I hope to update with this post of pix taken over the weekend. Be it the supposed Halloween violence, to the Manhattanville naming "controversy" to the state of housing development Uptown, I decided to tour the nabe to see what the perspective was from the Street Level.
Halloween saw an interesting cast of Super Heroes

and the Night of Mischief never really materialized, although I did peep this new Bloods graf.

On the development watch, it seems that projects currently underway continue. The Savannah is showing some skin...

and Mike Tyson's stop-work-order-hell buildings have resumed contruction!

454 Manhattan Ave. is all shined up and ready for some closings,

while the high-end condo penthouse market continues with high inventory.

There are still deals to be found throughout Central Harlem though...

Hmmm...wonder what this means now?

And it looks like the ghost of Alexander Hamilton is settling in nicely in his new location!

On the commercial watch, some interesting small businesses are forging ahead. Doug E. Fresh's Chicken and Waffles still has a few weeks to go,

as does Atomic Wings,

but 89 Orange (Harlem Fur says its 79 Orchard) is creepin' on the come-up!

Last but not least, Manhattanville is showing signs of life,

and there is some truth to its former status as a Meatpackers district.

Although those days are long gone. Now that Columbia's environmental review is complete, they will now shift into high demolishment mode. (Destructoporn to follow!)
Some will resist to the bitter end.

But there will always be some drama in those nearby projects.

Secret Societies, still tryin to keep they eye on me!

But Im returning the favor!

Coming up next...The Election Edition!


Anonymous said...

Great pics.

Where is that 23 hook and ladder building?

yojimbot said...

Thanks for the feedback, softlicoricechew--great name, btw. The 23 Hook and Ladder Building is on 142nd between Amsterdam and Broadway. South side of the street.

Gwin said...

I love your blog and all the photos of my beloved new neighborhood (I just bought a place on W 144)...

I also wanted to let you know (if you hadn't noticed) that someone on Convent between 144 and 145 is trying the "for sale by owner" approach for their brownstone.

yojimbot said...

Thanks for the tip glad u likey!

Paolo Mastrangelo said...

yojimbot great great post! very entertaining and informative as always. thanks!

Unknown said...

I've been obsessed with that Hook & Ladder for years ... it's owned by City College, and they're thinking of turning it into a dorm in the next 10 years. They use it for storage now. I really hope they don't tear it down, it's one of my favorite buildings in the neighborhood.

yojimbot said...

Thanks PM & Kasey. I did not know that about 23 Hook & Ladder, I should go on Acris more!