Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Bailey House

Got a chance to check out the James Bailey House up on St. Nicholas Place. Here's some of the amazing details of this Harlem Gem!

The bronze tiffany placard.

Some of the most amazing stained glass.

Some more amazing wood work.

Original Etched Glass.

Some from the upper floors,

Original marble bath!

The Eastern view.

Yours for only $6.5 million...needs probably another $1 million in renovations (at least).


uptownflavor said...

More than a million, and sadly whoever winds up with it (would make nice bed and breakfast or hostel) will likely rip out many of the original details like that tub.

sweetlife said...

awww maybe not. I'd like to think these days that maybe people have more appreciation for original art and details of a landmarked building. That tub is great! Too bad I don't have the millions at the moment.

Harlem World said...

can we repost the article and link back to you?

yojimbot said...

sure thing!

Scott A. Barton said...

Lovely and seductive.. If I only had the down payment.....