Monday, August 29, 2011

Harlem Hurricane

So basically this was the anti-blizzard: Although in both cases the MTA and other municipalities shutdown, this go around it was voluntary. And I think a good call considering the flooding, rain and downed trees. I definitely think we would have had fatalities had the City attempted to ignore the storm.
Here the storm forms above Harlem,

and then Saturday night rains.

Oh no, its a



The next day...

some scattered destruction in the various Harlem parks.

Just missed this camper.

Even took out one of my favorite Maples at 116th.

Even still, the cleanup crews were on it.

And life returned to normal.

Queue the Francis Scott Key.



Nice pics. Seems like our Parks, Marcus Garvey and Morningside, had the most damage.

Thank goodness, the storm was not as bad as predicted.

yojimbot said...

thanks Ken...also Central Park north and a few of the pocket parks around Harlem had some large downed trees.