Saturday, January 31, 2009

127th St. Fire

Got to see NY's Bravest respond to a small fire. Lots of good drama, but no real fire to speak of. Just some acrid smoke...

and lots and lots of sparks!

Just then, a bundle of pink balloons floated by!

All in all, good and professional response. Remember, when its cold, fire is a serious danger.


Ted said...

This is 128th Street, not 127.

I walk down 127th often so I was confused when I didn't recognize this block.

I'd really like to know who owns all the abandoned properties on the block below this... so close to the A/C/B/D train yet one of the biggest abandoned areas in this part of Harlem.

yojimbot said...

Right...sorry about the Ted. 128th St. is correct. As for that parcel of unused land on 127th, I have seen some development renderings of hotels and such. I think those will stay on the drawing board till the economy turns around.