Tuesday, February 3, 2009

125th St. and North Bike Tour (Part 1)

Because walking 5 miles on Saturday wasnt enough, I decided to bike all of Upper Manhattan on Sunday. The Nature part of this trip can be found on Harlem Hybrid's sister site, Origin of Species, while here I'll stick to the Arts and Architecture. As part of a joint State and City effort, there is now almost a continuous greenbelt surrounding Manhattan. Starting at the newly opened Harlem Piers, I then traveled North to Inwood, over to Broadway Bridge, and then down the Harlem River. Here's a shot of the ice flows on the Hudson, looking South at Riverside Church.

Some random manifesto along the way...

and the Love Shak finally caves in.

View North towards the GWB.

Random shot from under the West Side Highway.

The GWB itself...

A bit north along the treacherous Henry Hudson Bikepath,

The Pumpking House. North from there is Ft. Tryon.

While across the River is St. Peter's.

Amazingly from this point, there's still 30 blocks left of Manhattan. That is the hilly domain of Inwood.

Up next, "Part Deux, the journey Home!"

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Unknown said...

wow, this is beautiful. thanks for your great blog and great pictures. makes me want to move to harlem immediately!
greetings from berlin, germany,